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         About Chubb

        The Chubb Difference

        Why do people choose Chubb? There’s no one answer, but there are plenty of reasons.


        When you think of insurance, you probably think about natural disasters. Or accidents. Or a large stack of documents with small type. At Chubb, we think about things differently. For us, insurance is about one thing: craftsmanship. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. It’s how we serve our clients.

        Craftsmanship is about creating something from scratch. It’s about molding and shaping our coverage into exactly what our clients need. It’s about having the skills and expertise to figure out the best way to do the job and then get it done. At Chubb, we don’t plane maple into high-end table tops or machine steel hinges and brackets. But we are craftspeople nonetheless. We combine a passion for service with deep experience and exceptional financial strength to deliver the best possible insurance products for people and for businesses — big and small.

        The New Chubb
        Craftsmanship at Chubb

        Precision, expertise, excellence in execution.

        Exceptional Service

        When you buy an insurance policy from Chubb, you buy a promise — that we will be there when you need us most.

        In the event of a loss, our experienced claims professionals work to pay all covered claims fairly and promptly — whether it is for an individual with a $200 travel insurance claim or a corporation with a $20 million casualty claim.

        But our service begins well before that, with an array of complementary services designed to help you minimize the chances of a loss and make sure you are prepared and protected. Chubb’s residential risk consultants help personal insurance customers safeguard their homes, possessions and families, while our expert commercial risk engineers provide customized risk management programs and services to businesses.

        Our reputation for superior service is second to none. Chubb’s professionals around the world — from underwriters and claims professionals to commercial risk engineers and residential risk consultants — are always striving to deliver exceptional service to our customers and business partners. It’s who we are.

        Our Customers

        Our customers’ stories are our stories. Learn about real people who have had real experiences with Chubb.

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        Customer Stories
        More stories 

        Our People

        When you choose Chubb you’re choosing to work with professionals who are truly dedicated to their craft. Watch some of our stories to learn more about the Chubb difference.

        Video splash image of a Chubb representative
        Craftsmen of Insurance
        More Profiles