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         Trade Credit & Political Risk

        Trade Credit

        • Trading goods & services with your customers comes with risks, many of which can be mitigated with a trade credit policy issued by Chubb.

        Most customers today require credit terms in order to buy goods and services. A reluctance to offer credit can place suppliers at a distinct competitive disadvantage.  Furthermore, with competitors often having trade credit solutions of their own in place, can companies afford not to level the playing field with a trade credit solution of their own?

        Despite the uncertainties in today’s marketplace, granting credit can mean the difference between missing out on opportunities and successfully securing competitive tenders and maintaining the ability to secure sustainable and profitable growth in both new and mature markets.

        What Does It Protect?

        We offer protection against non-payment by your customer due to insolvency, default, and country risk. In addition, there are many other coverage extensions offered depending on the business and requirements.



        Comprehensive cover, and certainty, for your ledger (on a non-cancellable limit basis) above a level agreed between us.

        • Designed for companies willing to accept a degree of risk share and looking for an insurance partner to back up their own credit management
        • Comprehensive portfolio protection
        • High level of discretion such that most credit limit decisions are made by the policyholder
        • Claims are paid once losses exceed a certain level
        • Low administration
        • 360 online portal to manage all aspects of your policy
        • Dedicated and empowered underwriter who understands your business to make quick decisions, who manages your policy from quotation through to claims and everything in between

        Named Customer

        Ensuring your largest exposures are covered in case the unexpected happens.

        • Designed for companies with a portfolio of customers that is weighted towards a handful of large exposures
        • Protection on a named customer basis
        • Flexible risk share
        • Low administration
        • 360 online portal
        • Dedicated underwriter with ample authority to make quick decisions who manages your policy from quotation through to claims and everything in between

        Single Customer

        Trading in the knowledge that you are protected from one of your key accounts failing.

        • Designed for companies seeking protection against typically their largest single exposure which would severely impact business in the event of a default
        • Protection on a named customer basis
        • Flexible risk share
        • Low administration
        • Dedicated underwriter with ample authority to make quick decisions who manages your policy replace quotation through to claims and everything in between

        Credit Complete

        Stepping into the fold when your primary policy falls short.

        • Designed for companies with an existing, non-Chubb credit insurance policy that is providing insufficient coverage on certain customers
        • Complementary to the primary insurer’s policy
        • Protection on a named customer basis
        • Protection is excess of the primary insurer
        • Credit Complete closely mirrors many aspects of the primary policy
        • Simple administration through a dedicated on-line portal
        • Dedicated underwriter with ample authority to make quick decisions who manages your policy from quotation through to claims and everything in between

        Why Choose Chubb?

        Global Expertise

        Personal service from dedicated, empowered and experienced staff. Chubb’s underwriting team works together as a single unit with strategically located hubs:

        • USA (New York, Chicago & Los Angeles)
        • Europe (London & Hamburg)
        • Latin America (São Paulo & Buenos Aires)
        • Asia (Tokyo & Singapore)

        In addition, through Chubb’s extensive network of regional offices, we are in many of the world’s major cities. Feel free to contact any of the below offices for a discussion.

        New York
        1133 Avenue of the Americas
        30th Floor
        New York, NY 10036
        Tel: +1 212 642 7889

        525 W. Monroe St
        Suite 700
        Chicago, IL 60661
        Tel: +1 312 612 8827

        Los Angeles
        555 S. Flower St
        Los Angeles, CA 90071
        Tel: +1 213 612 5512 

        Chubb Building
        100 Leadenhall Street
        London EC3A 3BP
        Tel: +44 (0) 20 7173 7925

        Stadthausbrücke 1-3
        20355 Hamburg, Germany
        Tel: +49 (0) 40 36980-5146

        138 Market Street
        #12-01 CapitaGreen
        Singapore 048946
        Tel: +65 6398 8673

        Av. das Nações Unidas
        8501 26º
        Ed. Eldorado Business Tower
        05425-070 São Paulo 
        Tel: +55 11 4504 4334

        Garden City Shinagawa
        Gotenyama, 6-7-29 Kita-Shinagawa
        Tokyo 141-8679 Japan
        Tel: + 81 50 3164 8230

        Financial Strength

        Our trade credit products are backed by the security of Chubb’s financial strength; the highest among all private market trade credit insurers. This financial strength is especially important to banks and other lenders for whom receivables represent a form of collateral. The craftsmanship associated with the Chubb brand results in tailor-made solutions meeting our clients’ exacting requirements. As a matter of principle, we provide certainty of coverage for the period of the policy through non-cancellable credit and country limits, and we offer local, regional or central service according to requirements.

        Enduring Expertise In Trade Credit Risk

        Our underwriters are supported by a highly experienced Credit & Country Risk Management team, whose analysts monitor companies and countries where credit risk is developing.

        To support companies who have global insurance programs, Chubb has centres of trade credit expertise around the world. This network also means that our trade credit risk professionals have up to date information on trading conditions everywhere that we can share with all our clients.

        At Chubb, we also understand that all businesses are different with specific needs. Our underwriters work closely with our clients and are able to take fast decisions on different aspects of their cover.

        Our Portal (360)

        A state of the art, online platform is available for daily, real-time, interaction with Chubb. Here, Chubb clients insuring Multi-Buyers or Named Customers have the ability to:

        • Gain easy, and where required, multi-user accessibility at the desktop or on the move
        • Apply for new credit limits or uplifts
        • View and assess the insured portfolio
        • View policy documentation
        • Produce comprehensive reports through exportable data